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Welcome to Bucksure Rewards

Buck Sure Rewards offers members value added services in the event of a household emergency as well as a range of exciting Discount Vouchers from our Voucher Plus Platform!. Your mobile device has become a handheld life-saving device with our integrated online service support software and our contact centre that is working for you 24/7/365 days a year.


Home Assists

Home assist is a 24-hour help line, offering assistance with emergency household repairs that need to be carried out within 2 hours of the call for assistance and that could result in consequential damages.

Electrical Repairs

Distribution boards, circuits, main cables Earth leakage relays Geyser connections, thermostats and elements Plug points causing power failures General house wiring Light fittings or switches causing power failures Lightning strikes on wiring Burnt connections Connections to all electrical motors (e.g. electric gate motor) Municipal connections inside the property

Plumbing Repairs

Burst water connections and pipes Municipal connections inside the property Blocked drains, toilets, baths, taps and sinks Geyser overflow, valves (Latco & pressure release)

Locksmith Services

If keys are broken off or lost for a main entrance or exit of the house.

Appliance & Electronics

Fridges & freezers Washing machines Tumble Driers Microwaves Stoves and ovens only if complete function is lost – if one or more plates are working, it is not deemed an emergency repair TV’s, DVD’s, Hi-Fi’s and VCR’s.


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