Terms and Conditions

Emergency Roadside Assistance

These services are available 24/7/365
Road Patrols

The objective is to get the member mobile on the roadside. These services are covered nationally including Lesotho and Swaziland. These services are limited to R500.

Services Include:

  • Change of a flat tyre
  • Fuel assistance (the first 5 litres is covered and the cost thereafter will be for the member’s account).
  • Flat battery (jump start covered for call out and 1 hour labour. The cost of a battery replacement will be for member’s own account).
  • Keys Locked in vehicle - unlocking only (cost of replacing keys is for the member’s account).
  • Minor roadside-running repairs related to breakdowns. This includes mobile solution for coils, immobilizers, fuses and limited assistance on fan belts.
  • The cost of fuel and parts for member’s own account.
* Toll fees are not inclusive within the benefit entitlement, and such costs, will be for the member’s account.
Locksmith Services
In the event that keys are locked inside the member’s vehicle, an accredited locksmith will be dispatched by the call centre, to the incident scene to open the vehicle. The service is limited up to R800. The Service Provider will not cover the cost for repairs, the replacement of a lock or ignition switch or the cutting of keys.
Mechanical and Electrical Breakdowns
The primary objective of the Service Provider is to tow a vehicle to the nearest franchised dealer (if under warranty) or to the nearest repairer. The cost of the first 60km round-trip is covered (starting from point of dispatch) thereafter a charge of R6.00 ex vat per km is applicable and will be charged to the member.

* Toll fees are not inclusive within the benefit entitlement, and such costs, will be for the member’s account.
Car Hire
In the event that a vehicle has broken down more than 100km from the member’s home, the call centre will arrange and pay for 24-hour, group-B car hire for the member to complete his or her journey or to return home. This service is subject to availability and the driver must be in possession of a valid credit card and driver’s license. The service is limited to R500 and includes the costs of the daily car rental, unlimited kilometre allowance, insurance fees and the delivery or collection charges of the vehicle to a maximum of 25km respectively. The cost of fuel will be for the member’s account.
Overnight Accommodation

Instead of the car-rental option, arrangements can be made for overnight accommodation for the driver and four passengers. The service is limited to R500.
Vehicle Repatriation
Should the member choose the car-rental option and continue his or her journey while the vehicle is being repaired, the Service Provider will pay towards the costs of providing the member with a 24-hour, group-B car hire to collect the vehicle after repairs. Alternatively, a flight ticket can be arranged. This service is limited to R500 and includes the costs of the daily car rental, unlimited kilometre allowance, insurance fees, and the delivery/collection charges of the vehicle to a maximum of 25km respectively. The cost of fuel will be for the member’s account.
* Toll fees are not inclusive within the benefit entitlement, and such costs, will be for the member’s account.
Accident Tow
In the event of an accident, the call centre will arrange for the vehicle to be towed to the nearest insurance approved motor body repairer (MBR) or member nominated repairer from the accident scene. The cost of the first 60km round-trip is covered (starting from point of dispatch) thereafter a charge of R6.00 ex vat per km is applicable and will be charged to the member.
* Toll fees are not inclusive within the benefit entitlement, and such costs, will be for the member’s account.
Message-Relay Service
In the event of an electrical / mechanical breakdown or an accident, the call centre will on request relay any urgent messages to friends, colleagues or family members to advise them of the member’s circumstances.
Should it be required, arrangements will be made for the safe storage of the vehicle overnight or for weekends including public holidays up to a maximum of 4 days. On the next working day, the vehicle will be re-located to the nearest approved dealer or competent repairer. Thereafter the cost of a second tow will be for the member’s own account subject to the member taking direct control of the vehicle to an alternative destination which results in a second tow being required.
Mobile Notification Services
As a member you will receive an SMS notifying you of the update on your active case.
The below details will be sent to your mobile phone after lodging a case:

  • Name of Primary Case Manager
  • Reference Number (ease of calling in and enable anyone of the Assist Agents to intervene or provide further details to the member)
  • Once a Service Provider has been appointed, the responding Service Provider details will be sent along with the ETA
  • Any changes made to the case (new Service Provider and additional requests etc.)
  • If there is a shift change, the details of your New Case Manager will also be sent

General Terms & Conditions
  • Services will only be rendered to validated beneficiaries
  • Battery replacement costs are for the member’s account
    • Limited to South African territory only
  • Roadside-assistance services are only available in the event that the breakdown or accident occurs within South Africa, Lesotho or Swaziland.
  • All services must be authorised, arranged and managed by the call centre. Any costs incurred through arrangements made by the member without prior authorisation from the call centre, shall not be reimbursed.
  • In the event of a mechanical or electrical breakdown, the vehicle is to be towed to the closest franchised dealer or repair centre from the scene of the breakdown.
  • The liability only extends to the towing of one vehicle and not a trailer, boat or caravan. Multiple tows (e.g. where you need a trailer, boat or caravan towed) will be for the member’s account. Second Tows will be for the member’s account.
  • A member will only be entitled to the car hire and overnight accommodation benefits if the vehicle was towed by the service provider.
  • An accident shall be defined as damage to one or more body panels (which will require repair in a body shop) as a result of a collision with another vehicle or object.
  • An accident shall also include instances where the engine catches fire, or where impact with a pothole, kerb or pavement results in damage to the suspension, wheels or undercarriage (and not necessarily the body panels), and where it is clear to the member and the service provider that the damage is of an insurable risk nature, irrespective of whether or not the car is insured. In instances of doubt the service provider shall arbitrate on this latter definition. In the event of the accident being caused by mechanical failure, and in essence where the vehicle under these description is non-driveable, the incident will be considered to be an accident.
  • In the event of an accident, the vehicle is to be towed to the closest insurance approved motor body repairer (MBR) or member elected panel beater from the scene of the accident.
The member will not be entitled to service where:

  • The vehicle is not in a roadworthy condition
  • The vehicle is a motor home or large panel van (weighing in the excess of 3.5 tons)
  • The vehicle has a gross mass exceeding 3.5 tons
  • The fault is with a trailer, boat trailer or caravan
  • The vehicle is already at a place of repair

The service provider does not refund:

  • Labour, overtime or cellular-phone charges, toll-gate fees, call-out fees, weekend levies, storage charges, hitching/salvage/recovery (defined as an insurable risk related to accessing the vehicle) fees and the cost of spare parts
  • Repair charges
  • Charges for assistance rendered by a private person
  • Charges for assistance required due to participation in a motorised-sporting event

Medical Assist Access

The following benefits are on an access only basis. These services include:

  • Emergency telephonic advice and information - 24/7
  • Referrals to medical practitioners and facilities
  • Liaison with next of kin to keep them informed
In addition to the general medical advice service, medical operators will guide a person through a medical crisis situation involving the member. The member will receive emergency advice or have necessary support organised, by utilising the 24-hour Contact Centre Doctor.

This service includes referrals to Crisis lines in case of:
  • Poison Hotline - In House
  • Suicide Hotline - Life Line
  • Rape and HIV Counselling
  • Family and Domestic Abuse
  • Child Abuse
  • Bereavement Counselling
For the member's medical aid or own account:

  • Emergency medical response to the scene of an incident
  • Emergency medical transportation to the nearest appropriate medical facility
*Please note: Medical cover is only valid for emergencies within the borders of South Africa.


Available 24-hours a day 365-days a year
Our Home Assistance programme provides assistance to the member when you are involved in a Home Emergency. A Home Emergency means any sudden, unexpected and/or unforeseen event at the eligible residence requiring the immediate and/ or urgent services of a domestic tradesman to limit/ minimise or prevent further damage to the home.
This benefit is restricted to Home emergencies and only applies to the eligible premises / primary place of permanent residence, within the Republic of South Africa and used for domestic purposes, including outbuildings.
Emergency Services Notification and Call-out
At the member’s request our Assist Call Centre will relay a notification of emergencies to the Police, Traffic, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Security or any other emergency service provider.
Mobile Notification Services
The member will receive an SMS notifying them of the update on your active case.
The below details will be sent to the member mobile phone after lodging a case:

  • Name of Primary Case Manager
  • Reference Number (ease of calling in and enable anyone of the Assist Agents to intervene or provide further details to the member)
  • Once a Service Provider has been appointed, the responding Service Provider details will be sent along with the ETA
  • Any changes made to the case (new Service Provider and additional requests etc.)
  • If there is a shift change, the details of your New Case Manager will also be sent.
*Please note that each benefit will be managed on an individual basis and is highly dependent on traffic, weather and correct information received i.e. address or area of incident.

The Home Assistance programme shall entail the following emergency services to customers:

  1. Plumbers
  2. Glaziers
  3. Electricians
  4. Locksmiths
  5. Tree Felling
  6. Bee Keepers and Pest Controllers
  7. Appliances (member will be covered for the call out and one hour labour for large white appliances)
Terms and Conditions

  • Overall limit of 3 (three) incidents or R2000 per member per annum applies.
  • Please note that the call out fee and first hour of labour will be covered under Home Assistance, however the cost of parts and additional labour will for your own account.
  • Where the incident is not considered an emergency that requires immediate attention, we will provide a referral for any specific Service Provider and all costs will be for the member’s own account.
  • The benefit period is one calendar year and the benefit does not accumulate, but is a maximum amount per annum.
  • A repair incident is considered per service category, e.g. if an electrician is called out to repair on the distribution board as well as an electrical connection, this is treated as one call out.
  • Benefit excludes MAINTENANCE (Of any kind)
  • Replacing light bulbs
  • Adjustment of thermostats
  • Any remote controls or access controls
  • Normal wear and tear/safes


Assistance shall be provided to the member in circumstances where they have requested access to the service where the emergency is any of the following:

  • Visible burst water connections and pipes
  • Blocked drains, toilets, baths and sinks, causing further damage to the Home
  • Emergency Geyser overflow, valves (Latco and pressure release) causing loss of hot water and pressure-release problems.

  • Jacuzzi,
  • swimming pools and
  • boreholes and borehole pumps;
  • leak detection inspections,
  • repairs not complying with regulated specifications such as SABS and others,
  • leaking taps,
  • replacement of a burst geyser,
  • septic tanks and
  • water supply interruptions to permanent residence


  • Glazier assistance is a 24-hour help line, offering assistance where a service provider is dispatched to ensure that side glass or building glass can be professionally replaced.
  • Broken or badly cracked window panes which could result in access to the residence No materials are covered as this is for the beneficiaries account (the actual glass etc. is for the member’s own account)


Assistance shall be provided to beneficiaries in circumstances where they have requested access to the service where the emergency is any of the following:

  • Distribution boards, circuits, main cables causing power failure
  • Earth-leakage relays causing power failure
  • Geyser connections, and elements, causing 100% power failure
  • Plug points causing 100% power failure
  • Light fittings or switches causing 100% power failure
  • Lightning strikes on wiring
  • Multiple burnt connections on wiring or plug points causing 100% power failure
  • Connections to all electrical motors (e.g. electric gate motor) causing 100% power failure

  • Electric gates and doors ;
  • Jacuzzi,
  • Swimming pool and
  • Borehole pumps ;
  • Air conditioners and
  • Commercial refrigeration ;
  • Repairs not complying with regulated specifications such as SABS and others ;
  • All electrical motors (e.g. electric gate motor) ;
  • Main electrical supply interruptions to permanent residence.


  • If keys are broken off or lost for a main entrance or exit of the house (This includes outbuildings)
  • If a person is locked inside the house or any room within the house

  • Burglary incidents (the member will be assisted, but is liable for the cost);
  • Garages;
  • Padlocks;
  • Replacing of damaged locks (the member will be assisted at his / her own expense);

Additional benefits also included are:

  • Tree Fellers / Bee Keepers and Pest Controllers - paid for up to the per incident limits only and only within day light hours.
  • Should a break in occur, security assistance and guarding services will be provided at the member’s request. This will be for the member’s own account.


Assistance will be provided for the below pests:

  • Ants
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Flies
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches

Appliance (call out and one hour labour)

  • Fridges & freezers
  • Washing machines
  • Tumble Driers
  • Microwaves
  • Washing machines
  • Dishwashers
  • Stoves and ovens only if complete function is lost - if one or more plates are working, it is not deemed an emergency repair.

Incidents not attended to on the instruction of the Service Provider’s case manager, will not be considered after any repair. Emergency repairs are only undertaken at the policyholder’s permanent residence. Emergency repairs outside the domestic dwelling are not included, i.e. office premises, public buildings, outbuildings not attached to the main building, etc. If the appliance is still under warranty, it will be referred to the manufacturer for repairs.


HIV and Trauma (counselling) Assistance

HIV and Trauma (counselling) Assistance is a multi-faceted programme specifically created to manage accidental exposure to HIV and Trauma incidents. This professional programme primarily focuses on prevention through a 24-hour assistance, access to treatment and counselling service.

Trauma Assistance:
Counselling is provided in accordance with the Brief Solution-Focused Therapy Model, and could be conducted telephonically, electronically or face-to-face, with the counselling type determined by protocols informed by the initial assessment by the Care Centre counsellor.

Telephonic counselling

The member can call the 24-hour call centre and receive telephonic counselling and medical advice from a trained counsellor. If the member needs medical advice this will be given telephonically.

Face to face counselling

If face-to-face debriefing is required, the counsellor will redirect the member to the nearest trauma centre/offsite counsellor who will arrange for face-to-face counselling.

Accidental HIV Exposure Benefits:

The programme works strictly on a private and confidential basis and runs 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year. The helpline will arrange for the client to go to the most appropriate medical facility as a result of accidental exposure. The below is offered:
  • 2 HIV blood Tests (Elisa): one immediately after the exposure and the second 3 months after incident.
  • 3 day starter pack of Antiretroviral medication following exposure.
  • A 28-day of antiretroviral medication
  • STI medication in the event of non-consensual sexual exposure
  • The “morning-after pill”
  • Security Benefit - R2 000.00 per insured in the event of Non-Consensual Sexual Exposure.
  • Alternative Therapy Benefit - R2 000.00 per insured person in the event of Non-Consensual Sexual Exposure.
Referral to a Disease Management Programme - at member’s own cost. Should the person have HIV at the time of incident, he/she will be provided, access to telephonic counselling, procedure guidance and details of the closest medical facility where ART's can be obtained.
* Note: - A member equals principal member, legally recognized spouse/s and all children of the principal member less than 25 years.

The below traumas are covered by the Programme:

  • Rape
  • Hijacking
  • Assault
  • Bereavement
  • Murder
  • Mugging
  • Armed Robbery
  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Natural Disasters
  • Witnessing a Suicide

* Note that incidents must be reported within 72hours


Relief - Recoveries -Assistance

The Problem

With the police now able to arrest anyone with outstanding traffic fines or traffic offences, the number of people in South Africa who can be arrested and be granted bail for relatively minor traffic offences is increasing. Added to this, the reported cases of unlawful arrest and arrests using unnecessary force are also increasing. The states of our jails are scary to say the least, so the thought of spending any time behind bars is terrifying for anyone. Bail is a legal right, but the problem is that many people are unaware of this right or how to access it.

Our Solution

We have an innovative service for our beneficiaries providing assistance in posting bail following arrest for a minor crime. This service assists in exercising your legal right, however, the transgressor still faces the full extent of the law for whatever it is alleged that he/she has done.

Our solution is simple and very effective:

  • Relief - You have peace of mind that we are available 24/7 to post bail on your behalf and thereby ensure that you don’t have to spend unnecessary time behind bars.
  • Recoveries - You don’t have to worry about having funds available or being able to access them as we’ll post bail of up to R3, 000 on your behalf.
  • Legal Assistance - Comprehensive legal advice and guidance by our qualified lawyers regarding your arrest and right to obtain bail.

What do we Offer:

The Bail Protect membership provides assistance in posting bail following arrest for a minor crime. This service assists in exercising your legal right to bail. In addition, Bail Protect undertakes to do all administrative management of the bail from start to finish.

For the duration of the claim, you receive:

  • 24/7 365 days a year call centre support if you are arrested and require bail.
  • Comprehensive Legal advice on your rights regarding your arrest and bail.
  • Assistance by contacting the police officer on duty to verify the arrest and bail details.
  • Contact with your family to advise them of bail assistance.
  • Assistance on your behalf where we ensure that we report to the relevant police station to post your bail.
  • After bail follow up and assistance.
You will be covered in typical cases like:

  • Road traffic offences such as neglecting to pay speeding fines
  • Failure to appear in court to defend such traffic offences (contempt of court)
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol
  • Common assault
  • Shoplifting or theft where the amount is less than R 2 500
  • Fraud where the value involved does not exceed R 2 500
  • Illicit possession of dagga where the amount does not exceed 115 grams
  • Drinking in public
  • Public disturbance

Who is entitled to Claim:

  • Any Bail Protect member, provided the membership fees are paid and up to date

How do you claim with us?

Contact the Call Centre and give the particulars of your case. Your membership details will be verified and you will be given a case number.

  • We will contact the officer on duty to verify the arrest and bail details;
  • We will SMS you to verify that an agent will be dispatched to post bail;
  • We will contact your spouse/partner to advise of bail assistance;
  • We will ensure that our agent reports to the relevant police station within 4 hours of receiving bail assistance request;
  • We will obtain the original bail receipt from the police official;
  • We will contact you one day after your 1st court appearance to determine the outcome;
  • We will continue to follow up with you until your matter is finalized in court
  • Our lawyers will advise you on any issue regarding your arrest and bail

Terms and Conditions

  • The maximum amount of bail per incident is R3 000. No assistance is available for bail in excess of this amount.
  • If bail is granted, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions (delivery of the receipt and bail and legal costs will be owed to Bail Protect if the member does not appear at court at the allotted time and date).
  • The bail will only be paid directly to the courts or government body via cash to the police departments or via attorney trust accounts to the relevant courts.
  • The receipt for the bail payment must be given to the service administrator or its appointed agents or posted by registered mail within 24 hours of payment of bail, failing which a penalty of R500 will apply.
  • If you do not appear at court on your appointed date, or if you appear but Bail Protect cannot recover the bail loan for whatever reason, you will be liable to pay the service provider the amount of the bail plus any legal costs incurred.
Limits of Service

No bail assistance will be provided where:

  • The amount of bail exceeds R 3,000
  • The crime of which the member is accused is classified as one of the following:
  • Assault with Grievous Bodily Harm
  • Murder or Attempted murder
  • Rape
  • Child abuse
  • Child pornography
  • Dealing in drugs
  • Armed robbery or robbery with aggravating circumstances
  • Treason, sabotage or subversion
  • The crime of which the member is accused is classified as one contemplated in Part II or Part III of Schedule 2 of the Criminal Procedure Act, 51 of 1977;
  • the Issuing Authority is outside the Republic of South Africa;
  • the Issuing Authority is anyone other than an authorized police official as contemplated in Section 59 of the Criminal Procedure Act, 51 of 1977
  • the member’s fees have not been paid a claim has previously been paid under this Agreement where the member did not supply the Administrator with the receipt for the bail within 24 hours of the payment being lodged with the Issuing Authority and/or where the member did not appear in court as per the bail conditions.


This is a powerful, dynamic product which provides a comprehensive legal assistance service to the member and his/her immediate family.

24-hour Legal Assistance

Qualified lawyers and legal consultants as well as academics provide the service. The service comprises:

  • A 24-hours telephonic legal advice line;
  • A legal document service; and
  • A direct legal consultation service
  • Letter of demand
  • Find a lawyer


Members and their immediate families have on-going access to a 24-hour legal advisory service on any aspect of the law such as criminal law, family law, insurance law, child law, labour law, motor law, etc. The member and his immediate family is entitled to utilise the advice service as frequently as required provided that the assistance shall be furnished to the member directly and only on legal matters pertaining to the member, and, in his or her personal capacity.
Free standard legal documents

If a member requires a purchase/sale, lease agreement, power-of-attorney, will, domestic employment agreement, ante-nuptial agreement, etc., we will provide these free at his or her request. The member will also be advised on the application of each of these documents and the procedures and principles that apply.

30-minute free consultation

This service involves a free initial 30-minute consultation should any matter require legal action. The member will then be referred to a lawyer who forms part of our national network for a direct free 30-minute consultation. After the 30-minute consultation, the member can then elect whether or not to continue with that specific lawyer’s services at a fee structure agreed to between himself and the lawyer. Such fees will be for the member’s account. The free 30-minute consultation service is available at a lawyer that is situated within the magisterial district where the member resides.

This consultation facility is limited to one consultation per matter.

Letter of demand

The lawyer or consultant will write a letter of demand on behalf the member. This is limited to one letter per event.

Find a Lawyer

If a matter is of such a nature that the member has to consider litigation, the team of experts will assess all the facts and circumstances and research the matter thoroughly, in order to ascertain which way a case should be approached, and will then suggest 2 top attorney’s firms which will be the best for the job. This benefit includes expert investigation and research into the matter in order to empower a member to make the correct decision when choosing an attorney.

Our hassle-free service procedure

  • The member calls the call centre number and provides full information of the circumstances and services required.
  • The call centre advisor will assess the situation and inform the member of the procedure pertaining to the service; and
  • Advise the member; or
  • Forward a standard legal document to the member if such was needed; or
  • Refer the member to a lawyer for a 30-minute free legal consultation if necessary; or
  • Inform the member that the nature of the matter necessitates more research after which a lawyer would return the member’s call with the requested advice.
  • Where necessary a letter of demand will be sent on behalf of the member.
  • When necessary and if litigation is the only option left to the member, the
lawyer/consultant will further investigate the matter and suggest two top attorney’s firms to the member which would be the best suited to handle the member’s problem.

Our lawyers are available 24-hours a day, 365-days of the year

Assistance is available and accessible 24- hours per day, 365- days a year through a dedicated 0861- number.
Who is entitled to the service?

The service is provided to the member and his/her immediate family. Immediate family means the principal member’s spouse/partner and their biological and legally adopted dependent and unmarried children up to age 21.


The Service is limited to personal matters only. Business legal matters are excluded.

* Terms and conditions are all stipulated above.


This service provides an after-hours homework helpline where qualified tutors assist learners with their homework or project queries. It provides access to the Internet and any information supplied through the Internet can be forwarded to the learners by courier service, email or fax. They therefore receive telephonic assistance in order to research information for projects and related needs. The benefits are that children have access to the very best homework help and study requirements. This offers the opportunity to adapt gradually to the changing education curriculum and ensure that the children are receiving the very latest information and assistance.

The wellbeing and education of children will always be a priority, irrespective of the person’s religion, race or culture. Tutor Line will provide parents with “peace of mind” that either due to circumstances or unavailability, professional assistance and guidance will be accessible to their children at agreed hours 5 days a week.

Tutor Line provides access to professional and qualified tutors. Their role is to encourage, explain and assist children during those difficult moments of evening homework where so often parents are not available, or equipped to deal with the issues.

Service Languages:

Pedi (direct service and/or translation capacities in any of the above).

The key service elements include:

  • Telephonic learner support, education and project compilation assistance in all the major subjects.
  • The tutor’s role is further to encourage and assist with projects or homework when the parent is not available or equipped to deal with the child’s/student’s queries.
  • Internet access allows the competent tutors to search for information and compile summaries where required.
  • Modes of communication include: fax, email and mail.
  • The tutor service is provided by qualified and practicing education specialists.
  • Tutors are highly qualified, practicing teachers and are therefore at the forefront of teaching practices and curricula.
  • Tutors are supported by administrative, research and IT personnel who assist in IT database compilation and project research.
  • Tutors in the following subjects are currently available:
  • Maths Literacy
  • Mathematical Science
  • Natural Science
  • Social Sciences: History
  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • Geography Social Sciences
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Business Economics
  • Biology / Life Science
  • Additional subjects to be added as and when demand requires;
  • Assistance is offered to learners from Grade 1 to Grade 12;
  • Service Hours: Sundays to Thursdays 18h00 to 21h00 (excluding National School and Public Holidays).
* National School Holidays - would be according to the government regulated dates


(Service Provider - Martins Funerals)

When a family member dies, simply contact the call centre. Your nearest funeral services branch will then contact you within the next few minutes. When the Funeral Service conducts a funeral for you, you are assured of quality service and products. In addition, a discount of up to 10% is granted on the coffin & service fees, provided the complete funeral service is done through the respective Funeral Parlours.

Beneficiaries get the full range of quality products and services, including:

  • Removal of deceased from home or hospital or other place of death
  • International & cross-border repatriations
  • Traditional & cultural funerals
  • Cremations
  • Long distance removal
  • Documentation
  • Coffin
  • Tents, chairs and groceries
  • Graveside set up
  • Leaflets, wreaths and flowers
  • Any additional goods and services they may choose (conditions apply)
A discount of up to 20% is applicable on the Memorial Stone and Unveiling Package.

VIP Concierge Desk

Members are spoilt for choice with access to a wide selection of great savings, shopping benefits and much more! Our VIP concierge desk is able to assist with any request that you may have - whether you’re sourcing new tyres for your car or looking for a local landscaper. The travel desk offers members a wide variety of great packages for both national and international travel.

Moreover, let us know where you’d like to go and how you’d like to get there and we’ll have all your arrangements sorted for you. In addition, members also have access to paper vouchers and mobi SMS vouchers – simply present in store and redeem. If that isn’t easy enough, we also have a friendly call centre on hand to answer any questions you may have or assist with any of the benefits you’d like to redeem.

Some benefits we offer include:


We are committed to providing members with the best and most convenient product and service offerings in auto care such as:

  • McCarthy Call-a-Car: R 500 cash back when purchasing a vehicle over R 200 000 and R 300 cash back when purchasing a vehicle under R 200 000
  • Secure Fit: R 150 off automotive accessories and security film
  • DataDot: 25% discount on a unique identification number that is applied to your vehicle and household appliances
  • Matrix Vehicle Tracking: 10% discount on monthly subscriptions
  • World of Accessories: 10% discount on purchases over R 100 spent in store and a 5% discount on speed services or free shipping for online purchases


Some benefits we offer include:

  • Crystal Brook DVD’s: 25% discount on all DVDs (excluding courier fee of R 30)
  • Hi-Life Experiences: 10% discount on over 100 experiences
  • Rectron: Monthly deals on electronics and accessories
  • Magazine Subscriptions: up to 40% discount on a wide range of titles
  • Ferrari Store: 10% discount on purchases
  • Boating International: 10% discount on accessories and spares such as combo skis, tubes and safety equipment
  • African Dive Adventures: 20% discount on purchases
  • Pulp Books: 10% discount on books
  • Sacab.co.za: 10% discount on chauffeur services


The programme is packed full of features such as:

  • My Tax Consultant: R 120 per month on completing your tax return
  • Petsure: 10% discount on monthly premiums, a free pet-detective, lost-and-found tag and a 12-month, no-claim bonus on all Petsure products
  • Dial a Nerd: 10% discount on all labour billed (excluding hardware & software)
  • Prepaid Airtime: 3% of your monthly Prepaid Airtime purchases CASH BACK every 3 Months
  • Prepaid Electricity: 0.75% of your monthly Prepaid Electricity purchases CASH BACK every 3 Months
  • Levingers: Members receive 10% discount on all services.



Using a comprehensive service-provider database, our dedicated consultants are able to refer members to the best available services. For your convenience, we offer concierge services for:

  • Entertainment bookings
  • Restaurant bookings
  • Household maintenance
  • Kids-referral services
  • Auto concierge
  • Travel concierge
  • General concierge



Boston City Campus: 10% discount on career qualifications, short courses and tuition towards UNISA degrees

LEAP: 15% discount on people-development skills programs such as leadership, presentation skills and customer service


Our wellness program aims to help members achieve a healthier, more active and balanced lifestyle. Some of these benefits include:

  • Planet Fitness: Members receive 15% discount off standard Planet Fitness Premier membership club rates; free 2 week voucher including a PT, a yoga, a pilates and tanning session worth R 1 350.00
  • Run/Walk For Life: R350 off the annual fee for Run/Walk for Life and free membership on EatForAll LITE.
  • Eat For All: up to 20% discount on memberships
  • Mangwanani: 10% discount on standard packages and products
  • Shapes For Women: No joining fee is payable (normally R600) and members receive a free healthy eating-plan booklet as well as a calorie counter


Find everything you need to decorate, improve and maintain your home and garden with offerings such as:

  • Hirsch’s: 5% off the retail price on all major-household appliances (excluding Miele appliances) as well as 15% off the retail price on all furniture and bedding.
  • The Drain Surgeon: Members receive 10% discount on general plumbing maintenance and new installations
  • The Electro Surgeon: 10% discount on electrical-repair and -installation services
  • Dial-A-Housesitter: 10% off a contract less than 14 nights/days; 15% off a contract for 14 - 19 nights/days and 20% off a contract for 19 nights and longer



Offering educational and lifestyle benefits for your kids, which include:

  • Build-A-Bear Workshop: 10% discount on purchases
  • Creativeplay LEGO: 10% discount on purchases
  • My Personal Tutor: 15% discount on tutoring services


We have listed some of the best online stores in South Africa. Some of our partners include:

  • 24 hours only: up to 50% discount on certain products
  • NetFlorist: 10% discount on purchases
  • NetGifts: 10% discount on purchases
  • NetJewel: 10% discount on purchases
  • Flowers.co.za: 10% discount on purchases
  • Nonna Gift Hampers: free surprise gift worth 20% of your total purchases.

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